Reviewing UKIP’s constitution

Back in February I was invited to join an internal working group reviewing the party’s constitution. This seemed particularly apt in view of the series of disastrous decisions over the past year which has seen both membership and finances damaged, but I soon found that some others saw it as no more than a routine maintenance exercise.

No matter, I ploughed on and contributed my findings and ideas. There did not however appear to be any urgency from the NEC so things drifted until our new leader, Freddy Vachha, was elected in June. Freddy soon decided he needed to be directly involved with this and the team was reshuffled without me!

However still nothing has happened, so for the sake of posterity I post my report and it’s appendices here:


Appendix 1. Proposed new constitution showing changes

Appendix 2. Review of documents

Appendix 3. Proposed new Memorandum and Articles of Association (incomplete)


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