There is no EU Status Quo

Roger Helmer MEP


The Editorial in the Daily Telegraph April 7th concludes “The Remain Camp is relying not only on the fear of the unknown but also the comfort of the Status Quo”.  But we cannot repeat too often: in the EU, there is no Status Quo.  The EU is not a destination but a process.  To those who think of the EU as a comfortable safe haven, let’s ask some questions.

How many more Port Talbots?  Just yesterday I heard EU Commission Vice-President Sefcovic proudly promising “a tsunami of new legislation” aimed to reduce emissions by increasing the cost of CO2 emissions, and therefore the cost of energy.  The EU’s green policies have already caused plant closures across the EU in steel, aluminium, chemicals, fertilisers, petroleum refining, glass and ceramics, and other energy-intensive industries.  Jobs lost.  Investment moved overseas.  Perhaps it will be your job and your…

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