What a load of hot air – Sunak’s ‘small boats’ policy

Rishi Sunak’s ‘solution’ to the small boats crisis is no such thing. He has no plan of where physically to put them! Rwanda could only take a few hundred and, while he recognises the need for other ‘safe places’ he cannot tell us where, how or when. He even thinks he can send them back to the EU, who are in fact absorbing even more than we are, by negotiating some sort of returns agreement. But why should they give us that? In return for what?

I have repeatedly advocated purchasing a substantial tract of habitable land somewhere OUTSIDE Europe, perhaps Central Asia, to be run in perpetuity as British Sovereign Territory. Yes they would want a high price for this but it would be a gold mine of foreign currency for them as well as an effective local regional policy. As the old saying goes, you cannot win a war on a budget. In any event as the colony develops it own economy the burden on the British taxpayer would reduce. The colony would have open borders so that they can self-segregate between genuine asylum seekers, who would stay, and economic migrants who would leave.

Interestingly I learnt over the weekend that recent polls in Sweden have shown that 79% who have been granted asylum do go home for holidays periodically. And in Germany it is 60%. Switzerland cancels their refugee status if they do.

Finally let us never forget that a far greater problem is legal immigration. Around 70,000 a month compared to ‘just’ 5000 illegals. A tiny minority, probably around 1000 a month, have skills we cannot source in this country, but the remainder are just cheap labour who are taking out more than they are putting in. We must scrap the points-based system which allows Big Business to bring in as many as they want, and substitute an auctioned quota system where the quota is set a fewer than the number who emigrate each previous year. Only then can we start to reverse the immense damage open borders have caused this country in so many ways.

This includes our environment. I am looking forward to David Attenborough’s new series on the British Isles. We have a record rate of extinctions going on. I wonder if he will acknowledge that open borders are the cause?!

We also have record amounts of crap in our rivers from overflowing sewage works. Yes that’s right. CRAP. Don’t let them tell you it is agricultural runoff. That has been going on for decades. There is nothing new about that. The fact of the matter is that immigrants crap. OK, so do we, and my political opponents through both ends, but our sewage facilities were previously adequate for purpose. Now they are not. So who’s going to pay for all that new investment. We are!


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